Honey & Pearls por L A Jones

Honey & Pearls por L A Jones
Titulo del libro : Honey & Pearls
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 17, 2017
Autor : L A Jones
Número de páginas : 108
ISBN : 1640082662
Editor : L.A. Jones

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L A Jones con Honey & Pearls

Páginas: 108 Géneros: 12:DC:Poetry Sinopsis: Honey &, Pearls ,is an imaginative and creative collection of 100 word poems, the collection is light and fresh, giving a modern feel while still capturing some traditional features. Each poem has a different style and feel, which provokes thought for the reader. This book captures a whole host of genres, there are the traditional genres such as the seasons, love, war and death poems, which touch the soul, allowing the reader to conjure images and feel emotion. A light and modern twist is also incorporated, poems include memories, children, places and fun poems. Some of the collection have figurative language and imagery, with the ability to create pictures, sounds, tastes within the reader. Some of the poems will touch people on an emotional level, combining both a literal and suggestive meaning. Some poems include rhythm and rhyme and some are more descriptive and emotional. There is something for everyone to enjoy and 100 poems to choose from. This book would appeal to everyone from old to young, and would make a wonderful addition to any bookshelf, library or school._,