Baseball Trivia Challenge (English Edition) por R. D. Ponticelli

Baseball Trivia Challenge (English Edition) por R. D. Ponticelli
Titulo del libro : Baseball Trivia Challenge (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 8, 2018
Autor : R. D. Ponticelli
Número de páginas : 163

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R. D. Ponticelli con Baseball Trivia Challenge (English Edition)

“Baseball is Ninety Percent mental, and the other half is physical”.
…Yogi Berra

If you think you know Baseball Trivia, you need to try this quiz!

These fifty challenging Baseball Trivia questions will take you on a journey to the early days of Baseball, introduce you to some players you probably didn’t know, reveal unique and remarkable World Series career records, while testing the most discerning and knowledgeable of all Baseball enthusiast.

This interactive E-Book is intended as a fun and educational experience for everyone. It allows you to select from four multiple choices, and will only advance to the next question, after the correct answer is selected.

If you’re a fan of the Quiz Show Jeopardy, you’ll note that their extensive compendium of information includes questions that are Sport specific, and frequently include Baseball facts. So, this Interactive Quiz could be your primer to a successful Jeopardy appearance. And then again, maybe not!

However, if you acquire new knowledge to stump your buddies at the pub, that’s a plus.

Have fun and enjoy.